Sunday, July 24, 2011

Robinsons Nevada Mining Co. in Ruth,NV. Part2

Good morning folks.  We are on the road, once again, to Illpah.  There is all kinds of room this time around.  DesertDale took a round to the camp site first, just to make sure before we took the motorhome down that road.  It really is not bad.  It just extra miles on the rig.
We spent some time at Egan Crest Trails.  Seen much, such as the Robinson's Nevada Mining Co. in Ruth, Nevada.
They have a site set up for visitors, like us.  It is will worth the time and effort to take a ride up to the visitor's over-look area.  As you will see such as the photo above.

It is a open-pit copper mine. It includes Liberty Pit, Vetern-tripp Pit and the Ruth Pit.

These photos were taken from the Ruth Pit Over-look, they have set up for visitors.
Each pit has a different (geologic structure, mineralization and metallurgy) that requires  constant monitoring.

They work 24-7.  They have produced nearly a billion dollars in copper, gold and silver.

The mounds you see from the highway is waste rock that has been removed to uncover the ore.
You can see this operation from our site at Egan Crest site, but not this clear.  This was taken just as we turn to go up to the visitors site.

DesertDale is out on his KTM, here at Illpah. It is cloudy but real warm.
Enjoy life, what ever you are doing, enjoy.

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