Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bassitt Lake Adventure And More

Good morning folks.  Hope you all slept as good I should have.
We had one "overnighters" here at Egan Crest Trail Head.
  Need to show what a sight the mine is making.  They say we are destroy the land.  I know we need the ore they are taking out.  But what a sight it is to see the tailing's on the side of the mountain.  Those men work 24 hours a day,   with big floodlights at night.

Bassett Lake is 17 miles north of Ely,NV. , in White Pine Co.  It covers 77 surface acres.  It was constructed in 1942, just for the copper mining at McGill.   It is some 6047 ft. high.   It is open year round.
The water come from Tailings Creek.
At McGill Springs there is much to do.  Lat.39.41260  Lan. 114.77979.  It is just a hole in this vast desert, that has a slide, a diving  board  and even that stuff you call sand.
Fishing from shore is difficult.  It best to have a float tub or a pantoon boat.
There is a museum in both McGill and Ely.

The roads are rough .  Nice for viewing but not suitable for a motorhome.  Very narrow in spots, plus very wet in a few areas, just go around the wet spots.  Very pretty and gobs of birds.  They just did not stay in one spot very long for DesertDale to take a photo, of them.
This is a American Pipit  that landed not far from DesertDale, he had to snap quick.
The American Pipit is a small bird.  Found in open country. It is very similar to sparrows.   But does have a thinner bill. Plus they do its bob their tail often.

Will folks it is close to the time for the races to come on that thing they call a TV.  So until next posting.  Kitfoxgal

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