Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cherry Creek by way of Pony Express Route

DesertDale taking a photo of the famous, short lived,  "Pone Express Route."

Good morning to all my readers.
What a fine day it is.  No wind, no rain,  just that nice bright sun light.  I bet it is going to be a little on the "hot" side to day.

DesertDale took me on a fantastic ride , one that he covered with bike a few days ago.
He wanted to show me the big town of "Cherry Creek"by way of ,the short lived, Pony Express Trail.
It came into service in 1860 to 1867, when the "telegraph" came into service.

Just south of Cherry Creek is the Pony Express Trail and the Overland Stage Route in Egan Canyon, that is where we started or adventure.

The Pony Express Trail did go thought Egan Canyon, where they set up a station.  Never could find remains of the station.

Egan Canyon had so many Indian attacks that took the lives of many of the workers.  Then Indians became mush more peaceful in about 1863.  That let the miners, in area, to settle in the area.
It even grew to where the had a school , stores and a post office.
Then 2 big mining company's became the Social and Sieptor Mining Co., that worked some 100 men.  Then when the rush was over in the 1930's, everything went.
All has been quite sense.

Cherry Creek started in 1873 .  It even grew to 6,000 in the gold rush days.  Then when the rush played, so did Cherry Creek.  Then in the early 1900's there was a brief serge.  But it played out in the 30's.
The population now is a mere 20.
But the Barrel Saloon last until 2010.  We did see a few cars parked near by.
But to me it look like a big  junk yard.

Will DesertDale is back from his ride so will close , so I can go out and welcome him back.  I always make sure he gives me a big hug before he goes one one of his rides.


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