Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lincoln Highway In Nevada

Good afternoon folks, especially to Doug and Shantelle and their new home in Wheatland.   May you be blessed with "Happiness and Joy".

DesertDale over did his self on our ride yesterday, of 170 miles long.  But what a fantastic ride on the "Lincoln Highway plus  part of the "Pony Express"
(must thank goggle for the use of 2 photos)

The Lincoln Highway was the first road across the U.S.  It span from cost to cost.  From "Time Square" to Lincoln Park in San Francisco, crossing 13 states.
The final length was built in 1913. Total length in all was 5869 miles in all.
The Colorado loop was removed in 1928.
At the Clifton Flat Junction all that is left  is a stop sign shot up and so faded
you can not even tell if it was ever red.
It brought prosperity too hundreds of cities along its route.
Then came the job of concreting the dirt roadway, which  it took a long time to finish that project.
The Lincoln Highway comes into Nevada at the town of Tippet and runs to the border of California.
 These 2 photos is whats left of  Tippett,NV.   There are a few more runins around, these are the best of what is left.
Pony Express  was very short lived operation, I  belive around 16 months because the telegraph came into service.

This is at the Pony Express Canyon Station.  It was built after the "Indians" bunt down a wooden station.
This is the site DesertDale and Kitfoxgal ate their lunch.  Enjoyed every little bite.  Did not even see any indians. 

You had 2 tired out people when we arrived back to our rig, at Schellbourne.

I did not even have to fight him off tonight.


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