Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Robinson Nevada Mine Co. Near Ruth, Nevada-Part 1

Good afternoon to all my readers.  A little slow on the posting, this time around.  DesertDale has been keeping busy in-doors and out doors.  This is the view we get from our site.   DesertDale took this of the mine area.

Been enjoy the rides into Ely,NV. Oh Yes, driving into Ruth,NV. to do the washing at their laundromat, which is at their bar.  You need change you have go to the bar and ask the bartender for it.
The Robinson Mine was built in 1994 through 1996 for approximately $480 million.   It was in operations until 1999.  As prices of copper went down to 60 cents  a pound and gold went to $260 per once.  Then the Company purchased the mine from BHP Billiton in April 2004 and started operations again.  October 2004,  two months ahead of schedule and following capital upgrades to its present facility, with new equipment.
The current mine consists three large open pits.   The mine has been in operation contiguously since then.   (3 photos from goggle)
The Mine has produced 159.7 million pounds of copper in 2008 and 137,628 ounces of gold.

It is about time to make a trip back into Ely.  Have some business to take care of.

Hope you all enjoy your coming week-end.

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