Friday, July 08, 2011

Round Mountain, NV. Adventure and More

(this photo was taken from goggle)
Well folks I am sending you a old posting , I had saved to be posted and then I turned around and forgot to post it.

We are now, just out side of Ely, NV., at Egan Crest Trails, off of 50.  Will be here until our mail come in, at Ruth, NV.

So here is the story about Round Mountain, on 376 , in Nevada.  Hope you enjoy it, as much as I did, when DesertDale took me on one of his adventure rides.
Round Mountain is in Nevada’s Big Smoky Valley. With several small communities around it and the closest market to those communities.
It was one of the first mining town in 1905.

 The big boom began the following year in 1906. Six mills did set up shop in the following 10 years.  Even hotels, restaurants and general stores, lodging ,houses, banks, a school, hospital and library, came to be.   I do know the banks are gone now, at least we did not find any.
 Round Mountain’s remote location was a factor in keeping the growth down.

Today,the valley is home for about 2,500. Hadley is the biggest settlement, in the area.  That is where we had to go to by supplies today,some 65 miles.

Hadley was built by the Round Mountain Gold Corporation.
The Round Mountain Gold Corp. still around as the result of the  expansion of the mining operations.

Much of the ore was situated under the town’s namesake, Round Mountain, which has been carved away over time. And I mean carved away.  As the mountain is nothing but a big sore eye.
Part of  the town does  set over portion of ore and will have to be moved, one of these days.
 Hadley in the valley below Round Mountain that  offers supplies such as a grocery store, community center, library, schools, athletic facilities, churches, a swimming pool and even a seasonal Round Mountain Golf Course.

It is well worth you time to explore it.
DesertDale even treated me to a "Ice Cream" in Round Moutain.  What a fine ride he gave me.  Then back to Spencer's for a nice dip ion the Hot Springs.
Now on to Spencer's Hot Springs.  We had the whole area to our self's for the 4th.   Our 2 friends did stop by to visit for a short visit.  They also had a friend with them, but he was shy, so no photo of him.

Will it is time to close, so I can go outsside and enjoy this nice cool breeze we are having.  Kitfoxgal

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