Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Kingston, Nevada Plus More

Good morning to all you fine folks out there, in this land of beauty.  Not much sun but we do have a generator running and no one to bother with the noise.

DesertDale took me on a run to the big town of Kingston, NV. a few days ago.
The photo is of Kingston Creek, that runs along the road.  Fantastic sites on the ride.
This is what remains of the office, I think, if not I will correct it.
Kingston came to be in 1864, when several mines started up at Kingston canyon.  In 1865 a mill was built plus a post office, as population went to 125.
 The mines stared to fade away and the town was dormant by 1870.
Some of the mines reopened in 1882.  Even a school was built then and closed in 1923.
This is a real estate offices.
I did not take many photos of the new buildings.  This one was setting out by its self.
 There are about 100 residents call Kingston their home now.  Most of these are active retirees, who spend their time at the Mountain Golf Cores, about 25 miles away, on 376.  Their shopping is done in Hadley.

 I am giving you a glimpse of the wild roses that are very frequent a long the road way.

Their is good fishing feather down the road, on Kingston Creek, plus a few camp sites, which where all taken because of the 4th.

Generator has been running all this time, that I have been posting this blog.  So enjoy reading it.  Kitfoxgal

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