Sunday, August 21, 2011

Coho Salmon and More

Good morning to all my readers.
We had one fantastic, few days at Bodega Bay, even the gulls got enough eats.
Dale had one good day of fishing, but no salmon, as they seem to be hard to fine.
The California Coastal Coho (silver) salmon has been listed as a endangered species.  So be careful. 
You must allow the Game Warden to inspect any boat, market or receptacle,where fish or wildlife are found. 
You must have a fishing Export card for the following type of fish:
Spiny Lobster
Plus a Red Abalone, steel head and fresh water Salmon in some areas.  . (photos from goggle)
Bob, Herb and DesertDale did have a good time, the day they went out.  They fished up to the Russia River, which is about 15 mile , north of our bay.  They caught enough for one fantastic dinner, that Linda  and Virgina fixed at Bob and Linda's site.
Must also thank Donna and George for the steak dinner we had at  Bob's, as their rig accommodates the whole crew.

Have fun at Tammie's at Pollock Pines.  Lunch with DesertDale's family today.

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