Thursday, August 18, 2011

Western SandPiper and More

Good afternoon to all my readers.  Short report today, as power is low.

Had one fine visit, here at Bodega Bay , with my niece, Laura, from Sonoma.
My friends, here at our site, said she looked more like my daughter because we looked so much alike.    Any way had one fine visit.  She even had the pleasure of meeting DesertDale.

We took George and Donna to a "fish lunch", in town today.  Their rig is park right next to us, here at Bodega Bay.

These "Western SandPipers" are landing justs a few feet from our rig, at Westside .  They are so much fun to watch.

The Western Sandpiper fly in huge flocks, such as the photo show above.  They fly along the Pacific coast from San Francisco Bay to the Copper River Delta in Alaska. There can be as many as 6,500,000 individuals pass through the Copper River Delta during the weeks in spring.

DesertDale, Bob and Herb went fishing yesterday. DesertDale caught about 8 bottom fiah and 5hn about 5 othe fish.  can not remmber their names, but he did catch them.

That was one fantastic DesertDale treated us to.  Yum, Yum.  Ktfoxgal

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