Friday, August 26, 2011

Great Egret At "Fish Lake Hot Springs"

Good Morning to all.
We have the same spot as we had last year.
We had the pleasure of meeting some folks from the area.  The only names I remember was Art and Joe.  Two of the ladies came out about 10a.m., to clean the ponds.  Then about 1, the other bunch arrived.  Three of the men worked in the mines here.

The "Great Egret" are found in much of the U.S.  They are found in fields and pastures were there might be fish and aquatic invertebrates looking for food.
They are large white, with slender legs and a very slender log neck.
They feed on fish aquatic invertebrates.  Their plumes are in great demand in the 1800's and early 1900's.

The one in the photo like it here at Fish Lake Hot Springs, as he is here every morning and hangs out here all day.  People don't seem to scare him, when they arrive at the Hot Springs.
Tis photo is oof a "MaMa Coat" feeding her young one. She was seen by DesertDale diving for food (submerged vegeliation)
 foe her young one.

DesertDale went for a bike ride.  Now he is treating me to lunch in Dyer, NV.
Whoopee!!!P.S.  No lunch at Dyer.  Restaurant does not open until 3.  Plus they are only open Fr., Sat.m Sun.


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