Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tybo, Nevada Plus More

Good morning to all.  We had camped in a "rest area" off of Highway 6, for the night, as he wanted to make sure he was able to watch the motocross races, that they were having in Maryland.  Boy! That was one "muddy" mess, because of "Irene".  They had the races and was able to complete them.

This tank was off the side of Highway 6. A lot of people stio to look at it.  There is no info about it around.  But sure did have a lot of lookers viewing it.
DesertDale was "Mr. Nice Guy" to a fellow traveler, who happen to be riding a motorcycle.
Mr. Traveler was going west on 6 and running out of gas. From the rest area he would have to go about 25 miles to a gas station.  He stop by the restarea because he seen our rig there.
Mr. Traveler said he was so lucky we was there.
DesertDale gave him some gas, as he just felled has gas can with gas. 
Mr. Traveler gave his thanks several time to DesertDale.  Then he was on his way.
After Mr Traveler left the clouds, wind, rain, lighting and thunder arrived.  I was beginning to think Irene arrived.
(Latitude38.31 Longitude 116.401)
DesertDale even took me on a short ride this morning to  ghost town called Tybo  Had a few "old building" around, plus power.  There was a couple of pick-ups around.   The road was blocked  just pass their shack.

We are back at our rig.  Lunch time.

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