Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Exploring The Unkown Country Side Near Tybo

                A surprise viewing, of "The Golden Eagle" on our ride.
Good afternoon to all.  DesertDale did go for his ride yesterday, 63 miles. 
These two photo are just what the views are like a long the way, very fascinating.
Today DesertDale took me on that same ride, in the pickup,  to "Hot Creek Ranch" and beyond. 
There was a town at "Hot Creek Ranch" at one time.  In 1867 the town was about 300 strong.  It had a saloon, of course, a post office, in 1900, the hotel, 1878 and a black smith.
 Then a slow in  mining came .  In 1900 the mines started up again. They even put a post office in at that time. Then the mining went bad once again. 

The cemetery is about 2 miles from town.  It is a very small one.

Lunch is being served.

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