Saturday, September 03, 2011

Pioche, Labor Day Week End

Good morning to all you fine folks out there, on this Labor Day week end.  DesertDale took me back into Pioche for breakfast.  What do you know, that same restaurant was open at 6a.m., like the man said yesterday.  We will pass on that one next year.
Pioche is the Lincoln County seat. The town has recreation center, that  includes a park ,  picnic facilities, a swimming pool and a baseball diamond.  It even has a nine-hole golf course for the you golfers.  Plus there is a free campgrounds right in town.
Pioche's annual Labor Day week-end offers parades, mining events, a craft show, mining contests, lots of games for the kids and even has a  fireworks display.
In 1864, William Hamblin, a Latter Day Saint missionary, was led to silver deposits in the vicinity of Pioche by a Native American Paiute. In 1868, San Francisco financier Francois L.A. Pioche purchased claims and constructed a smelter in the area, forming the Meadow Valley Mining Company. The mining camp was called "Pioche's City" and later became known as Pioche.

Because of the confusion of the claims, owners hired gunman.  They arrived to about 20 men a day.  It was a very rough town to live in back in the 1870's and 80's.  ( goggle for the photo).
DesertDale has gone rooming out in this fast desert, near Pioche.

It has started to get warm in this motorhome, so signing off.  Kitfoxgsal

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