Friday, August 05, 2011

Pronghorn Atelope At Spencer's Hot Springs

Good afternoon to all.
These are more photos of DesertDale,s.
I have seen 3 and 4 antelopes are a time around here. Going to town for lunch there was a herd of 14 Pronghorn Antelope crossing the road, I slowed down and slowly went ahead.

Hello folks. 
We have arrived at my daughter's home in Sun Valley. Can you image I forgot to post my posting on the Pronghorn Antelope at Spencer's.  So I will make it short and sweet.  As I have my next posting ready for posting on my Son-in-law, Johnnie's Teardrop, that he is building completing by his self ,from ground up.

My daughter, Terry, and this "Old  Nag" went for a 2 mile walk  at Sun Valley.
 See my next post on the TearDrop.

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