Monday, August 08, 2011

TearDrop Made By Johnnie &Terry

Hello to all my readers out there.

This posting is going to be on a "Teardrop" that my son-in-law, Johnnie and daughter, Terry , are building from the ground up.  What a job they are doing. It is A1.   They got their plans from Kuffel Creek.
This is their group's site address:

Johnnie sent this to me, just to make sure it was going to be posted correctly.

Johnnie has been at it for  about 2 years..  It is a 4X8, almost big enough to turn around in.  
He slowed up on it when he started dating..  Then things even got slower when he got married.
Now they are planning on having it ready to go in 2 weeks, for their trip to   "Stampede".  That trip will be the first in the "TearDrop".

Then you have "Hot August Nights" may slow them down some, as he will be working over time, he works for the state of Nevada.

They will be having a delayed "Honeymoon" .  They will be making a trip back to Ohio so Terry can have the pleasure to meeting his folks.   They have their tickets to fly back all ready.  
This is another photo, of how it will be looking.  They are building it right in their back yard, at Sun Valley. .
Hope the best for my "kids".  Love them all, no matter what.


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