Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Round Mountain Adventure

Good morning to all you fine folks out there, in this land of beauty.
The Round Mountain was a great adventure.    ( photo by goggle)  The Round Mountain Gold Corp. did build this complex completely.  It includes a 9 hole gulf complea, restanurant-lounge, plus much more.

The miners and farmers began moving into Big Smoky Valley in the 1860s. 
In 1905, that yellow stuff called gold was discovered on the west slope of the Toquima Range.
Early in 1906 when more substantial amounts of high-grade ore were discovered the town of Round Mountain  was built. The population even  jumped to 400 by the mid  1907.    Daily stages were  running between Round Mountain and Tonopah.  Then by 1909 the town had hotels, stores, banks, a school, a library, and a hospital.  Mining has been its  main industry  all these years.
This photo of Round Mountain mine is from goggle, as our photo did not do its justices.

On our way to  Round Mountain, on 376, we past the ghost town of Ophir.  Where the Murphy Mine was the leading mine there,back in the 1870's. the population went to some 400.  Then in 1870 it stated to dewindle away.
This is one more of goggles photos.  It is of the cemetery in Ophir,NV.

Our next site we passed was Tates Station.  It was on the stage route in the 1880's and 1890's.  Then the station was closed in 1901.

These is just a photo of some of the houseing that they put up for the workers, that work in the mine, at Hadley Subdivison of Round Mountain .          38.6944  117.16944
It was a very enjoyable ride that DesertDale took me on.  Plus it was not 7 hours long.  All through, the workers, that was working on 376 .  did slow us down some.
Enjoy life .

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