Monday, August 01, 2011

Storm From Hell and More

We had one mighty good storm, out here in the desert, in Nevada.  Terry said they had several grass fire over by their place, in the Sun Valley, NV.
Of course DesertDale had to take his morning ride on his KTM.  He said it was a fantastic ride.
We did go to Austin on "The Loneliest Road In America", "Old Highway 50".  It climb to about 7500 ft. , in Nevada.
In the 1870's there was as many as 10,000 people looking for the riches in the area, such as silver and gold along the Pony Canyon.
We had lunch at the "International Hotel & Cafe.  At one time it was the  "Overland Stage Stop", that was back in the mid 1860's.
The service is good , plus the the "Ruben" Sandwich was delicious.
(hotel photo from goggle)

Heading back to our "home on wheels" at Spencer's Hot Springs.
Have you had a great week-end , as we did as we  watched the Ind. "400".


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