Sunday, September 25, 2011

Beauty And The Ugly At Wee Thump

 Good morning folks.
We had thunder storms yesterday.  It brought out the beauty here at Wee Thump.
The flower above is a wild flower in the gentain famliy, that DesertDale took on the walk. Not many bitds as they are heading south after the storm.
He also took this of the "west coast lady" butterfly on the walk..

Now the "ugly" here at Joshua Wilderness Area.
There are some people out in this "land of beauty" that has no respect for nature.  As you can seen by these photos.  They shoot at anything that happens to be around, just so they can say they went out to  shoot their guns, getting ready for hunting season or just to target shot.
 This is one of the reasons they are closing down the wilderness areas.

 More of the "ugly's".  Broken glass that was used for a target, along with 223's schells and shotgun schells.
There was many more that we did not take  photos of.

Enjoy life.  Kitfoxgal

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