Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Turkey Vulture

What a fantastic stay we had at Joshua Tree Wilderness area.  We will be on the road to somewhere tomorrow.
We will be on the road, heading for Parker, AZ. for just a few days.  It is a good stop over, as we don't want to get to the Yuma area to early.

Monday Night Football was OK.  The right team won: Cowboys18-Red Skins 16.  It was a close game. Romo played even if he was hurting.

Once again these photos was taken by no-other then DesertDale at our Joshua Tree Area site. 
The turkey vulture's head  is bald and red. Their plumage is primarily dark brown (see photo).
The undersides of their wings are two-toned.  The front of the wing the color appears black or dark brown, and the trailing edge is white.
The male and female are identical.

 When the vulture is eating, it must stick its head inside the carcass to reach the meat. A feathery head would capture unwanted pieces of the vulture's meat along with all the bacteria such pieces would have.

They are sometimes up to 32 inch long.  Their wingspan can be up to 6 feet.
They could weigh up to 6 lbs.

Done our  shopping when we arrived at Parker.  Now it's time to put things in their proper place.


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