Thursday, September 08, 2011

Birds Of Many Kind--- By DesertDale

Good morning to all.  It is another week-end in Sept.
Need to say my prayers are with the survivor's of  9/11.
I am posting just a few of the birds DesertDale has "pointed" his camera at.  Love them all.
 Mountain Blue Bird-winters in lower U.S. & Mexico
 Great White Egret- tall and stately, found near water.
 Black-Chinned Hummingbird-smallish and compact.
 Ash Throated Flycatcher-they feed night and day.
Black Crown Night Heron-they are on the increase in the west.
 Blue Jay-a very familiar bird of medium size.
 Dove-found all over the U.S.
Phainopepla-they are often found flying alone.
Brown Headed Cowbird-they live in North America.

Ibis- tall bird with long legs and bill.

I must wash today in Caliente. I even will get the pleasure of driving the truck.

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