Monday, September 12, 2011

Chief Mountain's Adventure

 Good morning to all.  What a beautiful night we had, even if we did have rain, thunder and lighting.  At time the the "harvest moon" did show though the clouds. 
It smell to fresh this morning, when I went for my short walk.

Chief Mountain is in Lincoln County, Nevada. It is a newly develop area.  The BLM and group that helped, The Dunes and Trails ATV Club,  did one fine job.
They have  a large staging area, clean restrooms, picnic tables, fire rings, trailheads and trail loops.  The "Loop G" is a very challenging loop.

It is 9 miles west of Caliente on 93.  You turn right, coming from Caliente, at
 miles post 85.  Then follow the dirt road for about 1/3 mile.  Your at this site , where there is enough room to park several rigs.

These are some of the "bad guys" that you might see in the area.
 Dalmatian Toad flax
 Musk Thistle.
And the Spotted Knop Weed.
Be sure to wash your tires after a ride.  Then check your clothing and shoes.  Most of all be able to identify the different weeds.
It is a fun area, so help those that set this site up.

Heading for our fun trip to Trilobites , plus to Caliente, to get my last scan of yarn.  I do know they have it at the True Value store, I seen it there.


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