Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Five Palms Oasis

 Good morning to all. 
We had one "wet" day at the "oasis" yesterday.  About a 40 mile drive. I really should say at "Five Palms Well Oasis".

 We had a small snack and some fine "cool, cool drinks".  Not all had the joy of setting in the "hot springs".  There was even trays there to set your drinks on.

Five Palms Oasis is near Brawley.  It is surrounded be palm trees, plus tall bulrushes out in the Imperial Valley.
Water is natural 92 degrees mineral water. It comes from an aretesian well.
Plus clothing is optional.  No services are near by.  Overnight parking is permitted.  Just be carefull wear you park, lots of sand all around.

Must show what little things make a relaxing view.
Ken watching a "kitfox" coming into our camp site just as the sun was setting.
Good photo of Ken but poor shoot of the kitfox, as he was moving.

Enjoy where ever you might be.  Kitfoxgal

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