Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tarantula's Visit

Good morning to all.

DesesertDale, Ken and Kitfoxgal  was all watching the football game Monday night. When we had a visitor stop by.
It was no other then Mr. Tarantula.

Tarantulas defend themselves from prying foxes,coyotes and other predators by using the irritating hairs on their abdomen.  They rub their legs against their abdomen, to loosen the barbed hairs, that will find their way to a praetors.  The hairs my then irrigate their  enemies.
Their bodies are very large.  They hide by day in deep, silk-lined holes.

Father and son finished their work on Ken's KTM.  Pretty well have it ready for their next ride.
So it time to go do the wash at the base.  Well let you know how the laundromat at the Base is.


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