Thursday, October 06, 2011

Ogilby Hills and More

Hope you all had a fine week.  DesertDale and the Kitfoxgal has been on the go.  We are now at our "home-away-from-home", Ogilby Hills, near Yuma.
Love the birds and the kitfoxes, who comes to visit us each night.  Plus we get to see "Snoopy" high in the sky.
DesertDale has taken a ride to the hills to check things out before his son arrives from North Carolina.
I must show this "Green-tailed Towhee" that DesertDale's dauther, Colleen, saw  in San Diego, on one of her bird trips.  It breeds in the western U.S. and winters in southern part of Mexico.
It is one pretty bird.

Here at the Ogilby site, the wind has been blowing, which is nothing new.  The weather been great.  That nice "warm"sun has been shining.

Hope you all have been enjoying your travel partner as much as I have.
" Humm-good."     Kitfoxgal

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