Friday, April 20, 2012

Birding Near Beatty Plus More

Beatty's "Desert Hills Cemetery". (photos taken on 4-19-12 on our way to birding.)

Good afternoon folks.
Bank in Rhyolite.
We are near the "Ghost Town of Rhyolite, NV."
Rholite became a town 1904 after what appeared to be a rich strike of ore.   A train station. Evan  a  school house was built.  Which  was never filled.
By 1910, the population went from several hundred and continued until just a few remained.
Beatty is  at Hwy. 95 and State Route 374 meet.  It has a easy access to Death Valley National Park. 
There is  off roding, bird watching, hiking, ghost town ,near by , camping,  star gazing, and geocaching.
This is a "Vermilion Flycatcher.
The "Birding" sight is at The Nature Conservancy, just off of Oleo Rd.
This is a Gray Flycatcher.
The Conservancy has been working on the Amargosa River system near Oasis Valley.
There is about 12 mile expanse of wetlands and riparian habitat in the Oasis Valley.
 A pond habitat for Amargosa toads and tadpoles on the Torrance and Parker Ranches, both acquired with private funds from our members and partners.
The Torrance Ranch Preserve was acquired by The Nature Conservancy in 1999 and is the Conservancy’s first restoration project in the Oasis Valley.
This is a "Common Ravine" getting ready to jump into a trash bin, at the "transfer station, near Beatty.
I even had the pleasure of DesertDale buying me lunch in Beatty, A big juicy burger.

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