Monday, April 16, 2012

Searchlight Adventure

We have arrived at Searchlight.  Had a short drive,of 125 miles, from Earp, Nevada.
We even had the pleasure to get our camp site we had in 06, where DesertDale took this photo, right from our rigs window, of this "hawk'.

Searchlight was founded in July of 1898. In 1902, a 16-mile narrow-gauge railroad was built down the hill to the company's mill on the Colorado River.
Searchlight Post Office was established in October 1898.
There are now about 800 residents, that call Searchlight home, with 50% are retired .
This "White-faced Ibis" DesertDale took the other day, on our way Parker.  They are a glossy chestnut , with glossy green wings.  They have a white line around their eyes, neck and legs are long and narrow.  They live in marshes or flood fields.
This bird is a"Yellow-head Blackbird."  DesertDale took at Poston, Az.  They turned out so nice, just had to post them.

Lunch in Searchlight. Yum, Yum.

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