Sunday, April 15, 2012

Earp, Ca. Camp Site

Good afternoon folks.
First of all I must announce my son David is a proud "Grandpa" of a 8lb 2oz baby son, born to Adam and Haley.  "Congregation".

We were at our Earp site for about 2 weeks.  We had peace and beauty that long.

Earp is an unincorporated town in San Bernardino Co., in the Sonoran Desert. Right on the border of Arizona and California. 34.9' 54"N by 114'1814" W.
It was named after Wyatt Earp. His common-law wife, Josephine lived there part time
sometime in the year of 1906.
He staked more than 100 copper and gold claims at the base of the Whipple Mountains.
Earp died in January of 1929.
There are only the this store, which they just remodeled this past year, a boat repair shop and the U.S.Post Office and that is all. Plus a stop sign were 62 and 71 meet.
"Red tail Hawk" near our Earp site.

We have made our stop over at Searchlight NV. Had a "hardy" lunch, DesertDale is out "birding"and the Kitfoxgal is blogging.

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