Thursday, April 12, 2012

"The RedHead"

Good morning to all my readers, out in this land of "beauty".
DesertDale and  Kitfoxgal will be on their way  in a few days, when this weather gets a little better.   We have enjoyed our stay at the Earp area.  Had the pleasure of meeting a few new boondockers, like us.  Some are different but interesting.

The "Redhead" Duck is a medium sized diving duck .   They make their nest in  lakes and ponds where they dive from the surface to feed.
They eat water plants such as water lilies, wild rice, grass, wild celery and other pond vegetation.
At time they will eat small fish, mollusks, and aquatic insects.
The  males has a rounded red head, black breast and lower neck and light grey back.
The  females are smaller and has a reddish-brown head and body and a bluish bill with a black tip.
Immature Redhead Ducks are some what similar in to the adult females. ”
During breeding season this they make their nest in  marshes and prairie potholes in the Northern Prairie Regions.  They prefer non foisted marsh's.
  It is common for the female to lay 7-10 eggs in the floating nests of other ducks.
They do not make their own nests.

As many as 80% of North American Redheads migrate to Mexico and Texas where they reside during winter months.

The "Redhead" Ducks are slowly on the declining  side, because of their nesting habitat are disappearing.

As you can see DesertDale found an area near to go birding.  He got a few "great" shots of his friends.  Hope you all have the same pleasure ready about them, that he had taking the photos.

Enjoy . Kitfoxgal

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