Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Parker's Bird Adventure Plus More

Good morning to all you "happy" folks out there , in this lad of beauty.
DesertDale took me on a ride to
"Bill Williams River National Wildlife Refuge".  What a fantastic ride that turned out to be.
Bill Williams River National Wildlife Refuge. 
There are many rock cliffs, with water running through the Sonora Desert. That has many cattail-filled marsh harboring the waterfowl.   That offers a little bit of everything for both wildlife and people.

Then in 1935, the 726-foot Hoover Dam was built on the Arizona-Nevada border.  Then 20 smaller dams where built.  The water was backed up into many lakes.  Many of the forests were drowned along the river.  The Alamo Dam was built in 1968, witch has redosed the flow even more.
The  Bill Williams River  holds one of the last stands of natural cottonwood-willow forest along the lower Colorado River.  That has  created a unique ecosystem that provides good habitat for resident and migratory wildlife.
The "Phainopepla"relays on the mistletoe.  He will defend his tree that has mistletoe.

I must say we do have one windy day, plus the next few days will be the same.

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