Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Silver Peck Adventure Plus More

This is the "cinder cone" near Silver Peck.  It is some 375-foot high cinder cone (an extinct volcano) located in the Clayton Valley.

Good Morning to all my readers, out there in this land of "beauty".
DesertDale treated me to a fine lunch in this "old mining" town of Silver Peak, here in Nevada.
This is the only street sign in town that tells you how far it is too other towns around.
This is a view of the old post office .  The new post office is a trailer converted into a
a post office.
Gold was discovered seven miles away.
 Lithium and gold mining is Silver Peak's prominent industry.
Silver Peak is one of the oldest mining areas in Nevada in 1863 and Silver Peak be came a town in 1864.
Then in  1948 a fire burned the town of Silver Peak. Then very little activity until 1966, when the Foote Mineral Company started its lithium extracting operations in nearby Clayton Valley.

The extraction of Lithium from under the floor of Clayton Valley. Since then many companies have moved in and out of Silver Peak and the population goes up and down with the different companies that come through.

The restaurant that we had lunch at was a antique of Silver Peck.  They served pizza and home-made burritos plus drinks of all kind, I mean all kinds.  I mean about 50 different types of beer or more.  The burrito was A1. That was the only place they had that served food.

A gentleman came in and waned a pack of cigs. All he had was 100.00.  The 
bar-tender said to keep it and pay me the next time you come in.  I would rather you owe me 5.00 then I own you 95.00.

Will I had better cut this off as it is getting long, long.  Kitfoxgal      

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