Friday, May 04, 2012

Wilson's Phalarope Photos By DesertDale

Last nights sunset at Fish Lake Hot Springs.
Good morning folks.  As you can see one  had one fantastic sun  set .

Now for some photos that DesertDale took the last few days of
                                            "Wilson's Phalarope".
Wilson's Phalaropes have partially webbed toes. This unique attribute enables them to spin their bodies on the water surfaces.
They nests in shallow marshes primarily in the  West and Great Lakes regions. One of few birds to undergo a post-breeding, molt migration.   Then  they travel to several traditional sites.
They then  build-up their fat reserves to make a 54 hour flight to central South America.
                                               (a juvenile Wilson's Phalaropes)
Phalaropes are among a handful of bird species that reverse the role of the sexes.
They often mate with more than one male, have more than one nest and, after egg-laying, they leave their families to the sole care of the males.

We are off to have lunch at "Boonies" in Dyer, about 20 miles from our site.  Plus get supplies, as the store does not open until noon.  So DesertDale said we will have lunch there, as it is Kitfoxgal's to buy.  Whoopee!  Kitfoxgal

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