Sunday, June 10, 2012

Birding In The Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area

                                                 ( Yolo Bypass Area)
Good afternoon folks.  What a fine day it has turned out to be.
                                                        (American River)
It first stared out with DesertDale and Kitfoxgal going birding at the
"Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area".  He also took me to "The America River Parkway".
 I have lived in the area for many years and never had the pleasure of going into the either area.
                              ( Coyote chasing Canadian Goose at America River)

                                                           Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area
The Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area is below you, as you go west on Hwy. 80 to San
                                                           (Horned Lark)
The Bypass is for excess water to flow from the Sacramento River. It is also the path for the Pacific Flyway.
There is a auto tour route to follow for bird viewing.  As you will see with posting of photos DesertDale took on our tour.  The speed limit is 15mph on the route, with many rice fields along the way.
 Parking place are along the way, so you can park and walk , if you would like.  There are picnic tables in some areas.    What you take in take out you self.  There are a few trash cans along the way.
                                                        (White-tailed Kite)
The Yolo Bypass  is one fantastic area for "Bird Watchers".

Time for lunch. Kitfoxgal

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