Sunday, June 03, 2012

Birds From DesertDale Once Again

Good morning to all my readers.

We will be here another two weeks or so, have a family reunion to go to on the 16th of June.  There are bird sites near by.  Plus many long time friends to visit and family's.
This is another one of DesertDales photos taken at the Wildlife Refuge near the      Yolo By-Way on Hwy.80

This the "Horn Lark".  They are a brown, ground bird, with black sideburns and 2 small black horns.  Plus a small black breast splosh.  They walk only, with wings folded.
They live in prairies, fields, golf courses, shores and tundras.
The "Red-Winged Black Bird".  The scarlet is hidden most of the time and the yellowish margin shows.  They have a sharp pointed bill.  They travel in folks.  In California they have solid red scarlet without the yellow showing.  They breed in marshes, brushy swamps, hayfield's on edges of water.
Enjoy life.                       Kitfoxgal

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