Thursday, May 31, 2012

White-tailed Kite

                                                              Good afternoon folks.  I am here once again to fill you in on DesertDale great photo shooting and info.
At one time,  in the 30's, They were found in the Sacramento  River area.  They then , started to move east, into the Texas area. In recent decades their number has increased.
It is unknown if the migratory , nomadic or both.
They are found in open woodlands,  marshes, partially  cleared land and fields.  They hunt over lightly grazed or unglazed fields where there may be larger prey populations than in more heavily grazed area.
Their food is about 95% small animals.
They lay 4 eggs, incubation is about 30 to 32 days.  They nest in trees.  Both sexes built the nest.
There is no migration but wonders.

These photos was taken right at camp site, here in Rio Linda, at Robert and Olivia home in Rio Linda.

DesertDale is setting there eating his lunch in front of me.  So will closing this posting.

Enjoy life now. Kitfoxgal

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