Monday, May 28, 2012

Owl Adventure In Fallon

Good afternoon folks.  I know I have been slow in posting but DesertDale has been keeping on the go since we got to Rio Linda.  Will be here until June 17.  Then on the road to Oregon.
DesertDale to me a "Owl" adventure, when we were in Fallon, with the Wild Animal Infirmary For Nevada"  There was 2 vans plus about 20 riders and the drivers.  We covered about 50 miles, in about 5 hours.
These little guys, hiding in the hay, was my favorite.  The guides, one in each van, knew their stuff. They knew where the Mom Owl had here babies in the hay and many more sights.  The guide said she had 2 little ones, about 3 months ago.
There are several types of owl in the area.  Such as Flammulated Owl,6-7";Northern Pygmy Owl, 6.5 -7.3;Northern Saw-whet Owl, 7 - 8"; Western Screech Owl, 7 -10 "
and the Buttoeing Owl 9-11.
Northern Nevada has a plethora of small owl species.  The owls can live in backyards, cities, suburbs and the desert.
What a joy we had.  Love to go once again.

(P.S.)  having problems with posting photos)  As soon as the problem is taken care of will finish this,.  So hold on.  Kitfoxgal

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