Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wetlands Nature Trail In Fallon

Welcome to my blog, folks.
We have arrived at the "Churchill County Regional Park" in Fallon for a few days of "Birding" at the
"Fallon  Wetlands Nature Trail" .
One  event is a self-guided tour of the wetland. 
 (Cliff  swallow)
These swallows are building their nest on rafters in picnic area.
NAS (Naval Air Station)Fallon is in the Carson Desert.  In 1903 the development and operations of the  was started.  It  provided irrigation water for the Lahonton Valley.
Then in 1993 the Navy had plans had plans to open this section to the public as a "wetlands".
There are several different sites to view.  Here are just a few Soda Lake, Carson River Diversion, Line Reservoir, Carson Lake Wetlands, NAS Fallon Nature Trail, Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge, plus more.
Now for the fun part, DesertDale's photo.
(Horned Lark)
(Red-tailed Hawk)
(Red-necked Phalarope)
This afternoon DesertDale reserved us 2 seats on a tour , of a area, that has owls.
Hope you enjoyed the posting. 
P.S. I forgot to post this post this  about a week ago, so will post it now, as we are in Sacramento area until the 17th of June.

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