Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Desert Creek Adventure

Hello folks. What a fine day DesertDale showed me on "Mothers Day".  Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.
Desert Creek has 2 different entries north and a south entry. If you come from the south,   traveling about 14 miles south on Hwy. 338 from the big town of  north Desert Creek.  There is a small sign denoting Desert Creek. The creek is about 5 miles. There are various primitive camping areas in  the creek. Other than the USFS campground.
DesertDale camp along the several years ago.  Lets say some 25 years ago.  It was one of his old hang-outs with his buddies.
We first spotted this heard of "deer" in this green pasture in "Smith Valley".

                                                    ( Clarks Nutcraker)
The road is rough and long .  About 15 miles long. I would say no motorhome.  We just had his truck, left motorhome back at our camp site near Yerington.

We enjoyed birding along the Desert Creek.  We had several spots, where we had to cross into the creek.  Made it through just fine.  Hhad aone fine driver.
                                                     (ground squrrel)
When we went through "Smith Valley", we seen several deer eating in a field of alfalfa
                                                    (spotted towhee)
Headng back to our campsite in time for lunch.
Once again had a fine  the ride in "Desert Creek" area.  

(Want to say thanks to all my "sweet" children for the calls they gave me on
 "Mother's Day".  Love you. Mom)

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