Friday, August 03, 2012

Birding Near Steens Mountain

Good afternoon to all. This is a "overlook" at Steens Mountain.
We are having one fine time here at Page Springs Campground. It is a great lay-over site for birding. Plus many of those animals they call "deer". Not sure if the fire they had across the road, changed them over or not.
American Goldfinch they are a small yellow bird with black wings, tail and forehead also black.
Lazuli Bunting they are seen in SW. Canada, W. United States and winters in Mexico.
Northern Rough-Winged Swallow he lives in S. Canada to Costa Rica. Winters in the Gulf Coast to Panama.
This little one is a "Yellow Warbler". They go from Alaska to Peru. Winters in Mexico to Peru. They like Bushes, swamps streams and gardens.

There are more but I am making this too long, so will cut it off, then finish this next posting.
What a joy to see DesteDale "happy" clicking that camera.  ( More in a few days)

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