Friday, September 07, 2012

Davr Deacon Campground In Nevada

Good morning to all my readers, in this land of "beauty".
This is a sign that tells where the different Reservoir located.
Dave Deacon Campground , also called Hot Creek Campground.  It is a free campground managed by Nevada Department of Wildlife .  It has about 20 sites.  Sites are OK for the larger RVs.   They do have  pit toilets, fire pits, dump site, water, plus some shade on sites with tables.  But they do not have any garbage cans.  So what you bring in be sure to take it out.  It is a nice "free" area so keep it clean.
Fishing is good.  They do have a boat ramps, small boats only.  Loots of sites for fishing.
Birds are many.  DesertDales is over joyed by that. I This is "The Common Raven".  It a very common bird in N. America, Eurasia and Africa.

DesertDale said this is a "White-Face Ibis They live in fresh marshes, irrigated land or tules.
Hope you all enjoy this as much as DesertDale had taken the photos.  There are more to come.  Kitfoxgal.

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