Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dave Deacon Campground Bird Expedition

Good morning to all, especially to Carol our birding friend, who we had the pleasure of meeting at Cal Expo, birding along the levy.
We are now at "Dave Deacon Campgrounds" in Nevada.
This is a "White-Faced Ibis" That are very common in western marshes in warm we seasons.
This little guy is a "Sage Sparrow".  He favors barren county:sagebrush and salt bush flats.
The "Yellow-Headed Blackbird".  In western  marshes in the summer.  It draws attention by its yellow-head .
The "White-Crowned Sparrow".  They are in flocks in winter in thickets, woodland edges and the deserts.
The "White-Faced  Ibis once again.  This is such a fine photo  ,just had to show it once again .  They often have reddish legs.
This "Great Horned Owl" was giving DesertDale the one-eye look when he was taken this photo.  He did not want to be disturbed at 4 in the afternoon.
Hope you enjoyed the show as much as Kitfoxgal and DesertDale had taking them.  Kitfoxgal

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