Thursday, September 27, 2012

FEDX "Thank You"

Good morning to all. 
I have not been posting as much as I did, as you know my "Sony Computer" has been out.  Had to send it to the "Sony Repair Shop", as the repair man , that came from St. George, could not.
There was a mass confusion trying to return it.  As you all know we are "Boondockers" with now permanent address. 
So we had Sony send the return box to our site in Overton, at the WMA near Overton.  Will we made the mistake and moved to the mesa and changed the address at Sony. Something we should not have done.  That just made a mess.
The FedEx delivery man was A1.

Here is a copy of the email I sent to FedEx:

I must say "thanks" to the FedEx out of Las Vegas. They went out of their way to help Vera & Dale with a problem they had shipping their Sony Computer back for repairs on Sept. 26th.

The delivery man was A1. Plus the woman in the office, that answered the phone in Vegas. I feeal she did more then her duty called for, along with the driver that delivered our package from Sony. "Thank You both" once again. Vera and Dale.

Hope this is clear enough for you all to under stand.

We are enjoyig once again thank to FedEx. Kitfoxgal

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