Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Birding In The Falcon Heights Area Plus More

Good morning to all my readers.  What a joy it has been here at Falcon Heights Campground, by the Rio Grandy River.
It has turned out to be a fine birding area.
DesertDale took the photo down by the Rio Grandy River, on our birding adventure this morning.
This is a Great Kiskadee, another one  of the pros's photos.
Falcon State Park and Reservoir is located at the  south end of Falcon International Reservoir.  There are some 572 acres in the park. Great site for bird watching , plus other wild life.  144 acres of the park has been developed with the remainder left in Tamaulipan thorn-scrub habitat.
The campground has water, showers, rest rooms, 2. 00 a night.  It is passable for the price.

Salineno is not far from our site.  We go though the town  on our way to our birding site at the Rio Grandy River.  Not many gas  stations around or stores, so you better stock up  when you can..
The Salineno area has turned out to be a great bird site. It is a site not far from Rio Grands River. You may seen a Muscovy Duck, Hook-bile Kite, or Red billed Pigeon.
You may even see a Osprey or even a Bank Swallow.
Then there is the town of Zapata, Texas, not far from our site.  In the 1900's when Falcon Reservoir was built  they moved some of the homes to Zapata , where they now serve as B&B ( Bird and Breakfast).  Plus there is good fishing at the reservoir.
(photo from goggle)

Enjoy what ever you end up doing.  Kitfoxgal

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