Sunday, October 14, 2012

Kit Fox Country, Once Again

Good morning folks.  We have one beauty of a morning here at our Sidewinder Road site. We are watching the Raiders and Falcons, plus DesertDale working on his photos and Kitfoxgal is posting.
This kit fox photo was taken back in 2005, at the same site we are at now.

DesertDale has a new set-up now.  It is called "Trail Camera", where it will take photos of moving objects.
We were setting out doors last night watching a "football game".  DesertDale set his camera up where it took photos of anything that moved in front of it. As you can see we had the pleasure a kite fox walk in front of it.
This photo was taken in 2006.
 Kit Fox's are member of the dog family.Their back, sides and top are silvery.  Their forehead and narrow part of their muzzle are gray, throat white, with large ears.
They are very swift. Voice is more of a whines and yaps.
They have 3-7 young ones in Feb.-May.
They are found in Utah, New Mexico and Arizona.

Hope you enjoy life like we do.  Kitfoxgal

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