Sunday, November 25, 2012

Palatka, Florida Excursion

Good morning to all. DesertDale is at it once again. This trip was to the big town of Palatka. They even have a Wal Mart. We stoped in the park area where DesertDale took this phot of the bridge that crosses over the St. John's River.
This is the 'bald egale"
This is the "wood stork"
This is a "squrriel"
This is the anowy egrat.
I posted some of these before but I am running short of time.  So I just added a few birds we had seen near our site near Patatka, Fl.
Had a great time.  But did learn don't park in the fenced area, Tthat is for the horses to run loses in.  They go s--- all over the place and no one seems to pick it up, when they are threw camping.  It smells.

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