Sunday, December 16, 2012

Air Plant (Bromeliads) In Florida

Good afternoon to all my readers out there in land of beauty.
DesertDale and the Kitfoxgal are traveling with the "Boondockers Group of Escapees RV Club", while they are in Florida.   What a fine group Tom has put together.  Enjoying the group  very much and  a   change for us.
Here at out site we see these "air plants" , also known as "bromeliads".
The "air plants" are members of the pineapple family Bromeliaceae. They are  herbs that lack a woody stem.  They  grow on other plants, such as these trees. They do have a very small bloom.
Florida has 16  bromeliad species and two natural hybrids are epithetic, which mean they grow on other plants.
There is so much out here in this land to see.  It is a new adventure each year we go.

DesertDale and Dick just went on a ride. 

Clouding up, so I had better get this posted.  Kitfoxgal 

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