Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bay City Walking Dredge

Good afternoon folks.  We seen  this " Bay City Walking Dredge" at Collier-Seminole State Park, as we were heading to our site , near Flamingo.  (photos from goggle).  It is now in retirement for all to enjoy.
In the 1920's it was used in Florida on the Tamiami Trail, making its way across the Everglades.  The operaters, such as Meece Ellis and Eal Ivey who work 6 days a week, 10 hours shifts.  The crew often work in the sweltering heat, mosquitoes and lots and lots of mud. The Crew  lived on floated barges or in trailers, that was pulled by tractors.
They had a goal of making a major highway from Tampa to Miami.
The road required a solid foundation of limestone.
The actual construction of the Tamiami Trail began in 1915.  Then was stop because of
 Would War 1.  The Chevalier Corp  on the east coast and the Baron Collieron the west coast begin it once again after the war.   With the efforts of some individuals.  It was completed in 1928.
In 1994 the  Bay City Walking Dredge was honored as a historic item.
We will be going on a boat tour of the area, in the morning.  Enjoy life while you can, as I am with DesertDale.
We  just got back from a boat ride in the Everglades.  Got on a tour boat at The Flamingo Docks.  It was 1 1/2 hour long.  It was a A1 ride.  It cost a mere 32.00 each, worth every penny of it.  It was very enjoyable.
Enjoy life.  Kitfoxgal

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