Monday, December 10, 2012

Birds in The Everglades

Good morning folks. If it ever stays clear, long enough, I may get this posted. As we need that sun for power.
These two photos are of a "Osprey" eatting his lunch.  DesertDale took it justafter he started his meal.
The "Osprey" are common in some coastal areas,but not inland.  Thry soar high above the water, then plungs, feet first , for their meal.
This is a "Belted Kingfisher"  It is a solitary bird on the waterside.  They are common near the Mexican border.
This is a "Palm Warbler".  They summer in the northern bogs.
 A "Great Blue Heron, they are wide spread. 
This ia a Green Heron .  When thy are alarmed they stretches its neck and jerks its tail.

We made it to our new camp site in the Everglades for 3 days., with no phone service.  Now we are deep in the Everglades.  Then back with for follow boondockers.

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