Thursday, January 10, 2013

A1 Mechanic

This is the A1 Mechanic, when he was years younger.  I could not pull up the current photos, for some reason.
Hope all my readers had a good day,  as I had a pi--y one try to get his posted.  So you will have to be happy with this posting.  ( or you can see it at that address.
DesertDale had one hell of a day about 3 days ago.
The wheel bearings in the pick-up went ka-pooh!  He could not work them  in the park.  So has got everything he needed in Englewood the day before we left.
We were up bright and early the next morning.  Off we went to Sarasota,.  Parked just across the street from a Napa store, were there was a dirt lot..  Mr. Southern did one fine job of putting the new set of wheel bearings in.  "What A Man".  It took him about 2hours to do the job.
Then off we went to see our friend Dave, who Boondockers, but in parks.  Dave has a spot a 100 miles from our "outdoor repair shop".
"Then of we go westward."

Carol I have about 12 rolls of your blanket done.

We are park just out side Bonifay, Florida for the night.  Kitfoxgal
Things are turning crapy.  Will try to corect this the morning.

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