Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Great Blue Hernon At The

Good afternoon to all you "fine" folks out there.
DesertDale and the Kitfoxgal went to  visit a "old friend" of his, from his fishing days, Gary.
We even had fish tacos DesertDale and Gary fix, with the help of Gary's wife, Donna.  They were A1.

They took us to a "Audubon" site near their home in Englewood,before our fish taco dinner..  What a fantastic time we had. 
The birds were many.  DesertDale was in seventh heaven taking photos.  The following        will be just a few he took.

The "Great Blue Heron"is a tall,  long legged bird that  is common in North America.  They are waders in marshes, near the shores of ponds or streams.  They are very good fishers, by walking slowly or just sandy waiting for their pray to swim by.  Mice are part of their diet..  They also have been known to choke to death by trying to swallow their catch, that is to large,  whole.  They also eat insects and other small creatures.
they do hunt alone,but they nest in colonies.

The female lays any were from 2 to 7 eggs.  Both parents do  incubate the eggs.  The chicks can survive on their after 2 months .
The all-white color ones are found in the Caribbean and southern Florida is often called the great white heron, but it is in fact the same species.
Enjoy life as this "Great Blue Heron".

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