Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Saguaro Cactus On Darby Wells Rd.

Good afternoon folks.. I have not stop posting , DesertDale has been keeping me on the busy side here at our Ajo site.
Something has happen I can now post photos with my posting on Blooger.  It is so much nicer with the photos.
DssertDale took me out "birding" off of "Darby Wells Rd.  this morning.  There were spots that the phone would not come in.  The birds were few, road was rough at time but there was lots of cactus all over the place.
 The saguaro cactus  is found in  the Sonora Desert. They are large, tree-like  cacti that has branches as they age.   They grow arms  bend that can grow any witch way.

They can not grow in the higher elevation.   As the  the weather is to cold and the frost will kill them
They retain the water from the summer rains. 
Arizona has real  strict regulations about harvesting and collating them.  They can live up to150 to 200 years.  They grow very slowly.  If the rains are right they can weigh up to 4800 lbs.  They are the largest cactus in America.
You  can find holes in the "saguaros"  were birds have made the nest, also in the roots.
DesertDale is out changing the oil in the pick-up, so I must sign off and give him some advice,he will like that of course.  Kitfoxgal




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